Permission to Pause

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we glorified rest the way we glorify busy? 

I actually really hate being “busy”. It leaves me feeling rushed and overwhelmed and like I’m always a step behind. It makes me super crunchy too. Like werewolf mom status, instantly. 

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Loving Self and a Valentine's Themed Giveaway

One of my favorite things about owning my own business is the freedom it gives me to follow my gut and do what feels good. 

So yesterday on my way to teach my Sunday afternoon class, I was thinking about Valentine's Day and ways we can encourage each other to show up and love our selves so we can better love the people in our lives. 

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When overwhelm snuggles up without being invited

Prepping for a weekend away always gets me super excited an a little overwhelmed at all there is to do. 

When I get overwhelmed I have historically had a tendency to freeze. Instead of just starting something, my knee jerk is to do nothing but fret. It doesn’t take a big leap to imagin e the anxiety producing circle that creates. 

But yoga...

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