When overwhelm snuggles up without being invited


Prepping for a weekend away always gets me super excited and a little overwhelmed at all there is to do. 

When I get overwhelmed I have historically had a tendency to freeze. Instead of just starting something, my knee jerk is to do nothing but fret. It doesn’t take a big leap to imagine the anxiety producing circle that creates. 

But yoga has taught me to recognize my patterns, and then soften into expanding beyond those habitual reactions. 

So today I made a different choice. 

I chose to take a few minutes while my tiny humans nap just for me. I pulled a card from my Art of Attention deck and it is the perfect pair to my oil of choice today. 

I welcome this sign from the universe, a hug really, validation that I am on the right path and my knowledge continues to deepen to understanding. Amen. Blessed be. Let it be so.

Now it’s your turn. Let me know on the comments below: How do you respond to feelings of overwhelm? How do you want to respond? What’s one thing you can do to take a step in that direction?

Shelby Kruse1 Comment