Midweek Meditation


How about a mid-day, midweek pause? 

Take a deep breath or three. Place one hand on your heart and cover it with the other hand. Then say aloud or whisper these words,

“Please protect me from energies that causes me to feel stagnant. 

Protect me from trying to please those around me so much that I lose my purpose. 

Protect me from a routine that causes me to fall asleep and lose my eyes for the wonder that is all around me.”

Quick lil’ side note: I’ll be at the front of the line of people telling you that words matter. How we speak and think, the words we use have life and are important. BUT sometimes one word can get in the way of what we’re really trying to say or do. 

So if you find yourself tripping over a word take a breath, and check in. Is there another option that feels truer to you? Substitute it in. And then carry on. Cuz this beautiful meditation/prayer/intention/mantra/request from Chelsey Korus is too good to miss out on. 

Happy Wednesday friends!

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