The secret to all the things...

energy ripped.jpg

+ Your space is sacred. 
+ Your vibe attracts your tribe. 
+ Always align your energy to receive the best life has to offer. 

Friends, this is the secret to all the things. 

Remember your sacred space begins in your own mind with the way you speak to yourself. Kick out the mean girl/guys and call them liars when they tell you "you can't" or "you shouldn't". 

Call bullshit. 

Then LOVINGLY remind yourself that you are enough. You are whole. You are perfect. And what you want wants you! 

Because it's abso-freaking-lutely true.

When the mean girls start to take root in my brain, I take a long, hot bath (liars can't handle the steam of my tub filled with pink Himalayan salts, epsom salts, lavender + ACV). Or I take a nap. I take a walk or tap or do some form of bilateral stimulation with my body to help process what's really going on. And sometimes, I take a minute and curl up to binge watch Gilmore Girls before doing any of the necessary things, giving myself time to sit in it. Plus yoga + therapy. Non-negotiables.

The more work I do on healing my past hurts and integrating all the parts of me, the more quickly these coping mechanisms help me work through the pain. 

Now, we need to hear from you. Share with us one way that you help create and keep your space sacred. Little (or big) rituals, mantras, self-care habits...whatcha got up your sleeve to help keep your energy your own and stay in your light?

Happy Tuesday, loves.