Permission to Pause


Have you ever wondered what would happen if we glorified rest the way we glorify busy? 

I actually really hate being “busy”. It leaves me feeling rushed and overwhelmed and like I’m always a step behind. It makes me super crunchy too. Like werewolf mom status, instantly. 

So I’ve been reading (holler if you want a list of books I love) and researching and listening and feeling my way through what my life might look like with a little less.  Cuz I believe we can get more out of our days and our LIFE by taking away some of the too much. Even when the too much is something I love doing. Sometimes we’re called to do less. So we can BE more. 

It’s as simple as accepting the invitation to connect + renew. 

And it can happen in the space of just a few breaths. 

Pause. Breathe. Rest. Recover.

That’s my intention for this summer.

With that intention in mind, I’m pressing pause on weekly group yoga classes for the summer. I’m still seeing Private Yoga clients regularly, so if you’d like to work together in my favorite way ever, then let’s chat. 

Otherwise I’m off to hang with my people, soaking in our many family summer adventures, and spending time connecting to my people, my practice, and my community.

Here’s to giving yourself permission to pause and celebrating the season of life you’re living right now. 

Pause. Breathe. Rest. Recover.