Serious Awesomeness for Your Nose


Did you know that your diffuser could turn your home into an Anthropology store? Yeah, it’s seriously the best smelling and unlikely to smell so amazing together combo ever! You’re gonna wanna huff this one.

On a whim I threw all of the oils I got for free last month (except for Thieves) into my diffuser and to say surprise and delight followed is bit of an understatement, governor.

Here's what you're gonna wanna do if you want your house to smell like an Anthro store without the purse strings feeling the burden of all that awesomeness. 

1 drop each of Juniper, Clarity + Eucalyptus Radiata
2 drops Lime + Peace and Calming

This is the perfect size for a Home diffuser or Dew Drop. For larger diffusers like the Aria and my favorite Desert Mist, I like to double it. 

This is the kind of nose candy that smells amazing and is good for you. (Just say no to drugs, kids.)

Not only does it smell amazing, but it has a super calming aroma that makes me feel chill even when I've just stepped on a lego for the bajillionth time. 


What magic sauce keeps you from loosing your mind when the going gets annoying? Let me know below so I don't feel like a crazy person also, because I need more ideas. It takes a village, people.