New Student Waiver

All students will be required to complete a liability waiver before attending any classes or workshops with Yoga + Oils and/or Shelby Kruse. If online forms are your jam, here you go. Paper forms are also available on location. Please know I treat all information provided here, in conversation, or practice as privileged and confidential and will not release it without your consent. Ever.


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By agreeing to these terms and submitting this form, I certify that I am physically able to practice yoga and do hereby agree that YOGA + OILS and/or Shelby Kruse is not responsible or liable to me for any injury, accident or loss of personal property. I do hereby release YOGA + OILS/Shelby Kruse and its’ employees and students from any claim or cause of action which may have occurred as a result of any medical problem known or unknown which I have knowledge presently or in the future. I verify no promises or guarantees, other than those written in this agreement were made to me by YOGA + OILS and/or Shelby Kruse or its’ employees, contractor, and students. I agree to follow the instructional guidelines presented by Shelby Kruse. In addition, Shelby Kruse has informed me that any information obtained through questionnaire, conversation or practice will be treated as privileged and confidential information and will not be released without my consent, including my email address. I certify that I have read this agreement and agree to the terms herein.